XAFT: The International Extreme Sports Film Festival of Budapest

We are happy to announce that starting this year XAFT is an international film festival! We hope that more and more film makers from around the world will take part in the years to come, and XAFT will become the major extreme sports festival of eastern europe! We would like to thank all international applicants who are helping us reach this goal!

XAFT 2011 - X alternative film meeting

Inviting applications

If you have a good film..

Actual News:

Categories in 2011 - where you can enter your film:

• Pro - Xsport films
• Rookie - Xsport films (beginner film makers)
• HardCore - the roughest tricks in 1 minute
• Irregular - the alternative representation of the motion ________________________________________________________________________________________

2011 - Entry sheet

The motto is the good old - Make your own film and show it to the world!

• in the light of your ideas your world, your individuality
• the roughest moments/ your moments
• the thoughts
• your friends
• the team's favourite places/their tricks
• with your favourite music


Here we are waiting for traditional XAFT films with professional realisation! Older XAFT finalists, with a more serious filmmaking experience, we wait for confident filmmakers' entries.
To special motions/films connected with sports, competition reports, roadmovies, groups introducing themselves/ their films.... if it was a detailed description, then it
would never end, because this would be a listing that grows from year to year. Thank God!!

Time conclusion of the Pro category:
Short film: 5 minutes (max. 3 minutes may be the time exceeding - above 8 minutes the film is assigned into the feature film category)
Feature film: 15 minutes (max. 5 minutes may be the time exceeding)

The total prize of the category: 300 000 HUF


The topic is the same, but in the filmmaking you don't need to compete with the experience and equipment of the pros. Here the point is the idea and the enthusiasm!
Here we are waiting for candidates, who would like to simply look around in this world, basically without all kinds of efforts, even first filmmakers can apply, or who just didn't take part in XAFT before, very young candidates, perhaps they are lacking self
confidence however they would like to see and show their movies in cinema conditions.

Previous XAFT finalist filmmakers shouldn't enter this category.
This year there is no short and featrue film category in Rookie, but uniform judge will consider the incoming creations.
Time conclusion of the Rookie category:
The films may be any kind of short ones, but at most 15 minutes is the upper limit!

Rookie category total prize: 150 000 HUF


Topic: Roughest trick in 1 minute
You can enter this category with the roughest trick shooted with the camera.
We would like to ask you to show the trick for real and in slow motion, and after that the person who performed the trick or the film maker should explain the trick itself, the location
and his/her adventures in a few sentences.

In the HardCore category we are waiting for 1 minute long movies.

HardCore category total prize: 100 000 HUF


Topic: Motion, which makes sense.
We are waiting for the applications of those creative filmmakers, who see possibilities in this. All interesting topics which can be connected to motion are more than welcome.

Time conclusion of the Irregular category:
It is possible to enter for films with a lenght of at most 7 minutes!

The Remuneration of the Irregular category depends on the quantity of the incoming films and on the standards of the movies.


The applications must include the following:

  • Filled out application form
  • Short CV of the film/movie maker
  • Short epitome (max. 200 words)
  • Picture(s) of the film/movie maker(s)
You can send it together with the film/movie or in e-mail.

Post address: 1365 Budapest 5, pf:668 - XAFT

We accept the following formats:

DVD quality: mpeg2 PAL 50Hz, 8.0mbps CBR 720x576 50i
HD quality: mpeg2 HD long gop 50mbps 50i or 50p ( 60i and 60p is not accepted!!!)

Don’t forget another DVD copy has to be enclosed for the jury besides the projection copy!

Please pay attention on the sound control!

Valuation of the films/movies will happen before the event. At the end of the event we will announce the results and give the deserved awards to the winners of course in a ceremonial way.

Application deadline: 10 October 2011
Post address: 1365 Budapest 5, pf:668 - XAFT


If you create something truly serious than you are qualified for the finals! Each film/movie entered for the competition at XAFT(that fits the requirements of the application) will be projected in movie conditions.
The films/movies will go through a pre-screening and will get in front of the jury (their names will be publicated before the event) after that.


1. Every film/movie can apply that fits in the announced categories.
2. One film/movi e maker can only apply with maximum 2films/movies.
3. We accept films/movies appreciated at other festivasl as well. In this case all awards has to be listed in details.
4. The organizers of the festival create an archive from the applied films/movies which gives an opportunity to propagators, producers, to the media and to the audience to view the films/movies and to get in touch with the film/movie makers.
5. The applicant guarantees the right to the organizers for projecting the film/movie during the festival and also its publication on the programs ’ official website ( www.xaft.hu ).
6. Each material is sent with the senders risk.
7. Organizers will decide in cases that are not mentioned above. If problems occure look for the coordinator of the festival:info@xaft.hu

The organizers do not take any responsibility for the quality of the applied films/movies and damages of postal delivery! Every post office sells special wrapper for fragile products.
XAFT - X Alternative Film Festival

XAFT creates the opportunity to film/movie makers for the 8th time to apply with their films/movies that fits the application criteria for their creations to be shown in movie conditions and the bests from the ones qualified for the finals to win the money award of the festival.

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